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Re: hal + pam update errors

On Friday 06 April 2007 07:58:07 Michael Schwendt wrote:
> With up-to-date Rawhide i386, a package "test-libs" obsoletes an installed
> package "test" just fine. Yum reports that "test-libs replaces test".
> That is with test.i386 installed, test-libs.i386 only in the repo, and
> a normal "yum update".

You're testing on a single arch system.  That's expected to work.  The case 
here is an x86_64 box, test.i386, test.x86_64 installed, test.x86_64 
test-libs.x86_64 and test-libs.i386 available in the repos.  Only test.x86_64 
and test-libs.x86_64 will be seen for update, test.i386 remains around and 
nothing picks up the test-libs.i386.

I just duplicated this scenario with the real packages, hal, hal-libs, and 
hal-devel.  No amount of normal coaxing gets yum to see hal-libs.i386 to 
replace hal.i386.

With or without hal-devel installed for both arches will not make this update 
happen.  If the soname of hal were bumped, this would help folks who have 
hal-devel installed for both arches, as hal-devel would have a requires on 
the new soname, which is provided by hal-libs and that would work.  Since the 
soname isn't bumped, the installed hal provides the soname that hal-devel 
expects and we're back to square one.  None of this helps users that don't 
have hal-devel for both arches installed.

I have to think that a yum plugin that Seth was talking about is the only way 
out here, but I haven't really had a moment to review his plans there :/

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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