httpd installed by default on desktops! bad gnome-user-share, bad!

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Mon Apr 9 15:57:40 UTC 2007

Here's my thought process this morning....

 0) Why is the Apache web server installed on this desktop?
 1) Hmmm -- gnome-user-share depends on httpd.
 2) gnome-user-share is in the Gnome Desktop Environment group by default.
 3) Having httpd pulled in by default for a desktop install is bad.
 4) Fortunately, httpd doesn't start by default.
 5) But in that case, really, what's the point anyway?
 6) Or, wait: the gnome-user-share readme file says "when file sharing is 
    enabled a webdav server is started.
 7) Oh god, this thing spawns an Apache httpd subprocess.
 8) Seriously.
 9) Hey, I know! Here's a gun. Let's shoot our users in the feet some more.
10) Dance, end users, dance!

Seriously, easy file sharing is nifty and all, but this is just asking for
it. Please, we need to stop installing this by default. Think of the


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