madwifi and the new Binary Firmware addition (was: Re: [GuidelinesChange] Binary Firmware addition)

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Tue Apr 10 07:16:07 UTC 2007

On 10.04.2007 08:37, Paul wrote:
>> The following additional text was added to the Packaging/Guidelines
>> Binary Firmware section:
>> The License tag for any firmware that disallows modification should be
>> set to:
>>       "Redistributable, no modification permitted"
>> Firmware packages should be named <foo>-firmware, where <foo> is the 
>> driver or other hardware component that the firmware is for.
> Does this mean that the likes of madwifi-ng can now be included in what
> was (or still is) extras?

/me gets confused with all the different madwifi branches -- madwifi-ng
is the current madwifi-Series (0.9.x) iirc, so the rest of this mail is
written under that assumption; please current me if my assumption is wrong

Madwifi uses a HAL and the binary part is afaik running on the host CPU
and not on the device itself. That's IMHO more like a
statically-included library and afaics no firmware according to

Thus the current madwifi can't be included in Fedora afaics.


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