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Re: A couple of serious questions

--- Kelly <lightsolphoenix gmail com> wrote:

> I'm somewhat interested in the answers to a few questions, after
> watching some 
> of the discussion on the list.  Now, seriously:
> 1)  Is there sufficient interest in having the system-config packages
> split 
> into data and GUI components so there might be Qt/KDE versions in the
> future?

I for one really like the idea, with one extra caveat- Make sure there
is also a good batch/commandline (read: scriptable) backend in addition
to one or more GUI backends, and possibly a curses-ish text based one
as well.  (but my focus is on being able to easily control any
functionality from a bash script).

Having a good demarcation between commandline providing functionality,
and GUI providing user interface for non hacker-typists, would be my
approach to the matter.  0.02...


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