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packaging thunderbird and firefox extensions as RPM in Fedora


this is a packaging related question, but fedora-devel in this case is probably the better place than fedora-packaging for now (when it comes to actual implemetaion details fedora-packaging probably is better).

Did anybody in recent times look into packaging thunderbird or firefox extensions as RPMS in fedora? One of my desktops is a x86_64 machine and getting a proper enigmail for it sometimes is annoying (¹). Caillion iirc in the past once said packaging extensions would be possible with future versions of thunderbird and firefox. Are thunderbird and firefox 2.0 (both in rawhide these days) those future versions or do we have to wait until 3.0 for proper support? Or are there any workarounds to somehow make it work now?


(¹) -- the public one sometimes is not update and didn't work on FC6-x86_64 iirc (maybe that got fixed in between). Remi provides a thunderbird package with included enigmail -- that's a solution to fix the problem at hand in the short term, but I'd like to see a proper solution for this and similar extensions in Fedora-land

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