packaging thunderbird and firefox extensions as RPM in Fedora

Christopher Aillon caillon at
Mon Apr 16 18:01:54 UTC 2007

Enrico Scholz wrote:
> I do not see how this matters here. rpm knows enough ways to handle it:
> * explicit 'Requires: firefox = ...' in binary plugins

Packagers fall all too easily into the trap of >= and not updating the 
min/max versions based on what the extension claims.  When ABI breaks, 
it will probably cause a crash and users might revert back to an older 
browser version which might not have the latest security fixes.

> * perhaps virtual provides to handle changes in firefox micro versions
> * perhaps an XSL stylesheet which generates autodeps based upon the
>   'minVersion' and 'maxVersion' values in 'install.rdf'

This might work, but seems hackish and it will be made a moot point for 
F8 when there'll be a better way of doing things.

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