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Re: perl package split - if you maintain a perl-* module, read this message.

Chris Adams <cmadams hiwaay net> writes:

> Once upon a time, Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs math uh edu> said:
>> >>>>> "MD" == Matt Domsch <Matt_Domsch dell com> writes:
>> MD> How many packages will break?
>> Pretty much everything starting with "perl-".
> That's not all.  There are other packages that include perl support that
> will break (or autoconfigure out perl support unexpectedly).  IIRC one
> example is net-snmp.
> The best way to come up with a list probably is to see all the binary
> RPMs that depend on perl or a perl module.  Not all of them need
> perl-devel to build, but I'd bet most of them do.  A quick look at
> rawhide/i386 finds over 100 packages that don't have perl in their name
> that require perl.

Well, as Ralf points out elsewhere in the thread, this will break
packages upon rebuild, at which point they will need the appropriate
BuildRequires added...So I think this will be a problem only if the
package owner hasn't read this thread and isn't aware of the change.

So, what shall I do?  I feel like at this point the people in charge of
packaging quality of the distro should be involved on the call, not just


Robin Norwood
Red Hat, Inc.

"The Sage does nothing, yet nothing remains undone."
-Lao Tzu, Te Tao Ching

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