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KDE-LiveCD: localized CD-Versions & fully localized DVD


The KDE-LiveCD has one big problem (for non-english users): It only
supports the english language. But there maybe also some users that
wan't a CD that supports their own language.

ATM I only know two solutions for this:

1. Provide a fully localized dvd version.

I'm working on this dvd atm. [1] The main problem there is: if we use
kdm, the users must add "live_locale=their_language" at the
bootprompt. kdm has no option to choose the language at login (like
gdm). This maybe would a problem for some of them.

2. Create a tutorial that give's the ability to local communities to
create their own CD-Version.

After test3 I've created an initial wiki page [2] that could help with
this. ATM I don't know another solution for this. There was also
the proposal to use jigdo for this (and leaving enough free space on
the normal cd). But I'm not sure if this works with squashfs (the size
would be different on every creation of the same spin).

So I would need proposals in this question. Any comment would
accepted. :)



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