contributing a software through bugzilla

Manuel Wolfshant wolfy at
Fri Apr 27 01:40:57 UTC 2007

On 04/27/2007 04:00 AM, Nigel Jones wrote:
>> I submitted my software for review through bugzilla in order to
>> contribute the software to RedHat. A guy who checked the script told me
>> to fix some problems. I fixed all problems that he mentioned and sent
>> him new links of the software in the same bug report. I haven't heard
>> anything from him since April 16. Here is a question: do I need to
>> submit new links as a new bug report? if long does it usually
>> take to review the software?
> Everyone: Anton is referring to Bug #236486 [1]
> Anton: Manuel Wolfshant who was kind enough to point out a few problems is
> not obligated to review it officially, he might have just noticed your
> entry, and had a quick look.  These are pre-reviews.
FWIW: I wanted to continue the pre-review at the time but despite the 
announcement of the new version, it was not available online. And I did 
not assign the review to myself because I am not a sponsor, as Nigel has 
correctly said.

Anton: after a new quick glance over your spec (my test machine is 
currently offline so I cannot test in mock): it lacks changelog entries 
(for -3 at least)

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