[ANNOUNCE]: F7-test4 ISOs available

Prarit Bhargava prarit at redhat.com
Mon Apr 30 13:16:35 UTC 2007

A set of CD ISOs and a DVD ISO based on the Fedora 7 test4 ISOS of the
ia64 Fedora development branch (also known as rawhide) are available from:


dcc04694ca753ff2f03f5e467e34e87db1b2e02f  F7-test4-ia64-disc1.iso
65920bcf7501605139bd48dd018d4ec58588d568  F7-test4-ia64-disc2.iso
8f6b19cd272ac2343951510895e83e7f92e8b9f6  F7-test4-ia64-disc3.iso
e4ee69fa9f63f04926b3f830a952afb43feaa4c4  F7-test4-ia64-disc4.iso
c2fe2c4f649716ffa28729b8a84d711862af2881  F7-test4-ia64-disc5.iso
169032d30e8720600178401980c6697e1e547992  F7-test4-ia64-DVD.iso

(Click on Download on left-hand side, and then the F7-test3 directory)

Please remember that F7 ia64 is _unsupported_ by Fedora.  You can file 
but be sure to file them against the devel branch of Fedora Core.  Also,
add "fedora-ia64" to the "blocks" field of the BZ.

A new feature, the rescue CD, has been added to this release.


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