reducing power usage of Fedora - how you can help!

Dave Jones davej at
Thu Aug 9 22:40:38 UTC 2007

On Thu, Aug 09, 2007 at 11:06:27PM +0200, nodata wrote:
 > > 3) Note the results. If you'd like to capture them for safe-keeping
 > >    later, you can use the (Fedora-specific) '-d' option to dump them
 > >    to stdout, rather than pasting from the running app.
 > Erm, is this meant to ouput the results, and then exit?
 > It doesn't on my box, it seems to act exactly the same as powertop
 > without -d. powertop-1.7-3.fc7
 > What about Fedora-specific things powertop complains about, such as
 > these three?
 > Suggestion: Disable 'hal' from polling your cdrom with:
 > hal-disable-polling /dev/scd0        'hal' is the component that
 > auto-opens a
 > window if you plug in a CD but disables SATA power saving from kicking
 > in.

Note that doing this seems to expose a bug in sound-juicer.



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