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Re: First Fedora7 problem : KDE + Xorg + Fonts

Kelly wrote:

Experimentation I performed at the time showed that the problem was the system didn't have any way of properly finding the fonts. When I started using xfs, the problem disappeared. That is why I'm worried about it.

That should not happen in Fedora anymore.

I don't remember exactly which version I was running, because I don't shut down my system very often (it runs as both a server and a desktop). When I was configuring another Fedora system (with 7), I noted that Xorg wouldn't start without xfs.

Can you check in the system when you can and report the problem if it exists with the Xorg log and information about your hardware (smolt profile for instance)?

None of the Fedora 7 systems that I checked requires XFS. I suspect you are just seeing this from a older version. I have XFS deamon disabled on startup and no Xorg configuration at all and Fedora 7 has been working fine including desktop effects. Dell D420 with Intel Xorg driver.


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