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Re: CMU license?

What about the Standard ML of New Jersey License (SMLNJL)? Is this just
another instance of MIT?

I'm asking because MLton has bits and pieces under different licenses:

package         license                         use
--------------  ------------------------------  ------------
MLton           MLton-LICENSE (BSD-style)

SML/NJ          NJ-LICENSE (BSD-style)          front-end mllex
                                                front-end mlyacc
                                                precedence parser
                                                CM lexer and parser
                                                OS.IO, Posix.IO,
Process, Unix
                                                mlyacc and MLYacc Library
                                                Concurrent ML Library
                                                CKit Library
                                                mlnlffigen and MLNLFFI
                                                MLRISC Library

SML/NJ Lib      SMLNJ-LIB-LICENSE (BSD-style)   SML/NJ Library

ML Kit          MLKit-LICENSE (MIT)             Path, Time, Date

gdtoa           gdtoa-LICENSE (BSD-style)       Real binary <-> decimal

gmp             gmp-LICENSE (LGPL)              IntInf

It would be nice if I could just say "MIT" and be done with it.

(gmp is not actually shipped with MLton)


Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:
> Hi.
> Did I tell you to use the CMU license for a package? Did you come to the
> conclusion that the CMU license was what you had?
> I was wrong. Forgive me.
> If you've got a package with:
> License: CMU
> change it to:
> License: MIT
> All apologies for the confusion, I promise, I won't change it again. :)
> ~spot

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