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Re: Kernel Modules in Fedora -x

Les Mikesell wrote:

"Not helping" is unrelated to actively breaking in mid-version updates.
If you plan the latter, just say so up front - and in a way that points out this difference from RHEL. And anyone who wants current apps on a box that keeps working will just have to learn a different administration style.

If you are saying that Fedora is intentionally breaking third party proprietary modules that would be misleading. Fedora stays close to upstream versions and pulling upstream versions can sometimes break these modules. Sometimes new versions are needed for security fixes. In other cases it brings in bug fixes or new desired functionality.

I didn't think there was anything unusual or proprietary about my firewire drives or the IBM 225's either - but they both went through many months of not working with various fedora kernels.

This isn't Fedora specific issue. All distributions suffered from the same problems. Firewire layer in the upstream kernel wasn't robust enough previously. Red Hat rewrote it and it was in Fedora 7 and it hasn't been merged upstream now in the latest kernel.


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