Roland McGrath roland at
Wed Aug 8 18:28:34 UTC 2007

Sorry folks.  I'm responsible for the new script.
I'd intended to post about it when it went in, but the difference in
Panu's schedule and mine meant it went in and started affecting folks
while I was asleep.  The new script is intended to work. ;-)

Most maintainers should not need to worry about the new script.
It should silently do the right thing without any attention from you.
If you see any new problems, please harrass me immediately.
For any packages doing special non-default debuginfo packaging,
please talk to me directly.  I've taken care of kernel and glibc,
which are the only special cases I know of.

I am already looking into the problem with noarch packages.

Since the new rpm build got backed out, there is nothing to see until
a newer build with a fixed script goes back in.  I will post again
before that.


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