Roland McGrath roland at
Wed Aug 8 19:56:53 UTC 2007

> Would the new buildid stuff work exactly the same in local mock
> testing?  

It should.

> Would it be useful to do local builds in mock to see how messy its gonna be?

If I had the machine resources and an automated thing to rebuild everything
in mock against a new rpm-build, I would have tried it.  (Sorry for using
Fedora public development and testing, for, you know, developing and testing.)

I tested a handful of packages, including the special cases like glibc and
kernel, but was not smart enough to try any noarch packages, and had no way
of knowing which packages would have the common and no-longer-harmless
build bugs like mock does, so as to ferret those out ahead of time.

Honestly, I don't think it's really going to be all that bad.  The fires
will be small and quickly quenched, as with mock--at least when I'm awake.
My plan all along was to have a few days of pain getting the regime in place.
I intend to stay available to quickly hash out any build issues with
build-id and find-debuginfo stuff, when the new script hits and through the
coming mass rebuild.  (But I hadn't planned to forego sleep entirely.)  


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