Roland McGrath roland at
Wed Aug 8 20:17:09 UTC 2007

> This whole new thing, could be a good thing. Roland, have
> you also taken cross-building into account? 

Not especially.  I changed a few things about, but
anything I did not address specifically, I was not intending to change.
The changes are the build-id magic, smart handling of hard links and
symlinks, and generating all the correct %dir lines.  Changes for other
purposes are separate from this effort, though I am happy to help with
unrelated work on the script.

> Basicly when building a cross development embedded toolchain, we do not want 
> find-debuginfo and the brp-XXXX scripts to touch any non native files.

I'm not sure there are real good ways to detect that correctly.  It would
be some kludge and probably error-prone.  I'm a little more inclined just
to provide an easy way to give a list of files to exclude from consideration.
Then these packages would still need a special case, rather than expecting
insanely smart automagic behavior just for them.  But it would be a
reasonably clean special case.

> However when doing a Fedora -> Fedora cross, debuginfo should be normally 
> generated but using the cross versions of strip and friends, so not use strip 
> but for example arm-redhat-linux-strip

eu-strip and the other elfutils tools are already inherently cross-friendly. uses only eu-strip.  The various brp-* scripts do all
sorts of nonsense and could probably use a general cleanup.


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