Changes to cvsadmin requests and acls

Chris Weyl cweyl at
Thu Aug 9 17:28:13 UTC 2007

On 8/8/07, Toshio Kuratomi <a.badger at> wrote:
> Hello Packagers,
> Over the next several weeks we're going to be transitioning away from
> the owner.list and pkg.acl files to the long awaited Package Database.
> As a transitional step we're going to continue to have our cvsadmins
> handling the changes to owners.list but the changes will go to the
> Database instead of to the owners.list file.  There are two changes to
> your immediate workflow that you should be aware of:

So, as a matter of looking up packages (in an easily scripted,
automated fashion), with the Package DB be updating owners.list, or
will the data be exported in some other reasonable (& preferably
unauthenticated, as it is now) fashion?

Chris Weyl
Ex astris, scientia

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