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Re: Enabling Compiz by default?

On 10/08/07, Joachim Frieben <jfrieben gmx de> wrote:
> > They are not bugs - you are turning the 3D engine power planes on. That
> > costs you a lot of electricity.
> Sure! And then, you also remove GL apps/screensavers from Fedora, or  - even better - Mesa/OpenGL altogether .. (%#@&ยง*)

Surely there is a greasemonkey script to turn the google homepage
black. Take _that_ energy companies!

Josh Boyer wrote:
> Last time I tried it, Compiz was great at glitz but sucked as a window
> manager.

+1 and if Compiz gets enabled by default that's just one more thing to
piss me off in the default install after the terminal bell.

Is it too much to ask to gain some perspective and realise that
ponies^Ddesktop effects have very little use other than to suck up
power and impress friends/colleagues for five minutes. After which
they badger you constantly because:

- They updated their kernel and now the screen won't spin around
- The windows don't have borders
- Black bits are appearing on their screen
- They can't make it rain on the screensaver
- etc. etc.

The code is not ready and should not be included until either:

The drivers are FLOSS (one day, over the rainbow...)
There is a sane method of enabling drivers that definitely will work

As an aside, I recently attended HUDLUG, my local lug, where the sum
total of 0 people had desktop effects running. In a recent demo I
think the annotate plugin was the sole useful effect.

This email comes from a Fedora 7 machine which is running dear old
stable metacity, long may it continue.



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