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Re: mount.nfs4 used greatest stack depth: 612 bytes left

Howard Wilkinson wrote:
> Anybody know what this message means - apart from giving me a sinking
> feeling - and how worried I need to be.
> Is this something I should fix? tune for? or just keep an eye on.
> This is being reported by 2.6.23-0.104.rc3.fc8 which I am trialing to
> see if it fixes an NFS4 bug.

I assume this was x86?  It means that by the time that mount thread
exited, it had at one point used all but 612 bytes of the 4k stack, or
about 85% of available stack space, and that this was the furthest stack
excursion to date.  The messages is printed each time a new maximum
stack excursion is detected, at the time of thread exit.

So you had a bit of stack space left, but not a lot.  So nothing went
wrong here, but you're getting a bit closer to the edge.

I can get lower numbers, but only using xfs over lvm on x86  :)

I would be curious to know if anyone else gets lower "bytes left"
numbers, and what the scenario was...


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