PulseAudio is now enabled by default on new Fedora installs

Warren Togami wtogami at redhat.com
Thu Aug 16 21:43:56 UTC 2007

nodata wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, den 16.08.2007, 19:03 +0200 schrieb Lennart Poettering:
>> I will eventually add some workarounds for this.
> By which test release?
>> But it's low priority on my list, given the closed source nature
>> of Flash. Oh, and Flash is evil anyway. ;-)
> Are you actually talking to the Adobe developers about this?

Is the PulseAudio native interface (???) stable now?

(If Adobe targeted that interface directly can they rely on it not 
changing for years?)

Warren Togami
wtogami at redhat.com

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