strange failure for dependency against

Mamoru Tasaka mtasaka at
Fri Aug 17 08:11:04 UTC 2007

Mamoru Tasaka wrote, at 08/17/2007 11:50 AM +9:00:
> Hi.
> Now I am checking ice review request (bug 234612) and I tried
> to rebuild ice on koji scratch build. However I met with a
> strange buildroot error:

Another strange failure occurred on
(for oyranos review: bug 239936)

Executing /usr/sbin/mock-helper yum --installroot /var/lib/mock/dist-f8-build-32997-4652/root install  'libX11-devel' 'libXNVCtrl-devel' 'boost-devel' 'libXinerama-devel' 'imake' 'libstdc++-devel' 'libXxf86vm-devel' 'lcms-devel >= 1.14' 'libXext-devel' 'freetype-devel' 'gettext' 'libjpeg-devel' 'doxygen' 'elektra-devel' 'fltk-devel' 'libpng-devel' 'libxslt-devel'
Error: Missing Dependency: is needed by package elektra
Cleaning up...

Currently koji repo has compat-db-4.5.20-1.fc8, which actually


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