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Re: please enable XFS in anaconda

Eric Sandeen wrote:

> The remaining issue may be xfs+4kstacks+complicated/deep IO stacks on
> x86.  Honestly I've never much liked 4kstacks... layered filesystems
> coming down the pipe (ecryptfs, unionfs) may well have trouble too.
> I'd prefer to see the stack size boot-time selectable, maybe - or
> perhaps disallow xfs (or issue a stern warning) on x86 boxes?  (x86_64 &
> ia64, with sane stack size, work fine in this regard).

I can confirm that xfs on 4KSTACKS over lvm is still a problem.

Basic functionality is fine, but I can't make it through all of xfsqa
w/o a stack overflow.  Even just mounting with -o quota gets us pretty
close to the edge:

 mount used greatest stack depth: 180 bytes left

I'll look at some of the bigger offenders if I have any spare time in
the evenings.  It's the callchains, too though, not just the individual
functions that come into play.

0x0001b719 xfs_bmapi [xfs]:                             276
0x00016dfa xfs_bmap_add_extent_delay_real [xfs]:        252
0x0003b4dc xfs_bulkstat [xfs]:                          252
0x0004acb0 _xfs_trans_commit [xfs]:                     240
0x00018c1e xfs_bmap_del_extent [xfs]:                   236
0x000529a4 xfs_symlink [xfs]:                           236
0x0002e3c0 xfs_growfs_data [xfs]:                       228
0x0003a6fa xfs_iomap_write_delay [xfs]:                 224
0x0001f282 xfs_bmbt_delrec [xfs]:                       216
0x00020335 xfs_bmbt_split [xfs]:                        212
0x00014d4b xfs_bmap_add_extent_unwritten_real [xfs]:    204
0x00028658 xfs_dir2_leaf_getdents [xfs]:                204
0x00019dc8 xfs_bunmapi [xfs]:                           200
0x0001c89d xfs_getbmap [xfs]:                           200
0x00046b97 xfs_mountfs [xfs]:                           200
0x0004fc95 xfs_free_file_space [xfs]:                   200

(OTOH, my FC6 mythbox has been just fine for a year on xfs over plain


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