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Re: kde4 status?

Adam Tkac wrote:
> I think it would be better switch to KDE4 as soon as it possible (right
> now) and don't try maintain KDE3 and KDE4 simulateously. Of course, it
> will cause unstability, KDE team will be under heavy load, conservative
> people could get heart attack etc. But I think new Fedora is more about
> new features than about stability. Also if we switch to KDE4 now we
> should discover more bugs and make upcomming KDE more stable. Bug-free
> work is enemy of good work in our business :)

While I agree with your sentiments, there is a basic level of functionality
and reliability that is required to move forward with such a plan... which
simply isn't there (yet), I'm afraid.

<plug mode=shameless>
Any interested parties (that means you! :) ) are welcome to join in with the
KDE SIG to help move things forward,
As it is, things are moving much slower than I'd like.  We need a few more
active/motivated folks to help with the heavy lifting.

-- Rex

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