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Re: Rebuilds needed for Fedora 8

Jesse Keating wrote:
> A less technical but a nonetheless important rebuild issue is
> correct package licensing.  We have a goal to have all our packages
> with (a) correct License(s) tag in the spec file, and a build with
> that correct tag.  I do not have the numbers currently as to how
> many still need updating, it is not a small number.

As of yesterday afternoon, it was 3148 out of 4667 (~67%).  I posted a
full listing to fedora-legal-list here[1]:


The list is based on what's in CVS, not what's been built.  (It's also
lower by 40 since I posted that.)

[1] If anyone can give me some pointers on getting a mapping of
packages <-> maintainers from the new packagedb, that'd be much

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