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Thu Aug 23 17:24:15 UTC 2007

On Thu, 23 Aug 2007 00:13:06 +0200
Patrice Dumas <pertusus at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have something to add to the update/build/koji doc, but it is not
> easy to do since there are a lot of duplication in the wiki on that
> subject.


> 1. In, subsection 'Package
> Organization'
> there are some useful infos about tags and package lists (not
> the very beginning, but roughly beginning at 'A build target 
> specifies ...'), but for advanced uses of koji.
> 2. In there are
> information about the web interface, setting up koji in the client
> and koji build commands.

These two are for end users, mostly.  There is probably some crossover
with setting up a koji server for your own user.

> 3. in
> there are very brief infos about the web interface, setting up koji
> in the client, precise informations about the certificates and
> setup, some commands, and info about make targets koji related.

Right, this is more for infrastructure folks setting up a koji server
for use by clients.  Not really meant for package maintainers to be

> 4. In
> there is a brief explantation about how to update a package including
> make tag, make build, koji, and bodhi. There is a link to 5.
> 5. In
> there is a detailed explanation on how to update a package.
> Also some misc informations, including info about make targets.
> It links to 6.
> 6. On
> there are info about plague builds

Oops.  Still valid for FC-6 but...

> I think that things should be simplified. In my opinion 1. 2. and 3.
> should be merged in a page about builds in Fedora. With a part about
> setting up koji, a part about the web infrastructure, a part
> about koji commands and a last one regarding the make shortcuts,
> including some info from 5.
> Maybe the make shortcuts may be explained before koji commands.
> I also think that 5. should be merged in 4., with links from 5. to 4.
> 4. should point to koji stuff.
> 6. Should be renamed otherwise, and linked from other places with
> a text saying that it is about a procedure for F-6 only.
> I am volunteering to do at least part of the reorganization I
> propose.
> (The info I would like to add is about inheritance in koji and
> make chain-build.)
> Comments?

There is need for two, possibly three sets of documentation.

1) Using koji as a Fedora maintainer.  This is where the majority of
meat should be, and referenced by anything related to using the build
system.  This should fall somewhere in PackageMaintainers/ 

2) How to setup Koji in your own environment.  Arguably this could go
in the koji Trac wiki instance, but some people have started it in our
wiki so why not...  This is where detailed information about generating
certs, setting up the web service, etc.. all goes here.  I'm not sure
what section this should be in.  Maybe Projects/Koji  to match

3) Fedora Infrastructure notes about how to keep our koji server
going.  Maintenance items, notes specific to our deployment, SOPs,
etc...  This needs to be under the Infrastructure/ section.


Jesse Keating
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