CAT:Science;Electronics -> Other in gnome menus

Chitlesh GOORAH chitlesh at
Fri Aug 24 13:07:56 UTC 2007

Hello there
The desktop files for electronic simulation applications point to

In fact this is wrong and should be changed to "Science;Engineering"
or "Science;Electronics" as stated by

Additional Category - Description                        - Related Categories
Electronics  -  Electronics software, e.g. a circuit designer    - [ ]
Engineering  -  Engineering software, e.g. CAD programs    - [ ]

   [Desktop Entry]
   Categories=Science;Electronics; or  Categories=Science;Engineering;

Since those packages are not meant for "Education" (but instead Engineering),
the category "Education" is inappropriate.

However, on :
* KDE : the applications are properly displayed on a menu "Science &
Math", (octave uses it as well)
* gnome : the applications are displayed on a menu "Other".

I would like to know whether it's ok to leave those applications in
the "Other" menu on gnome or not ?

gnome puts categories for which it does not have an appropriate menu
to other and since there isn't one for science or electronics.

I've discussed this issue with the freedesktop and gnome guys on their
respective channels, and they are OK with having those tools on the
"Other" menu of gnome.

Your thoughts are welcome.


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