Mamoru Tasaka mtasaka at
Sat Aug 25 04:18:44 UTC 2007

Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray wrote, at 08/25/2007 01:04 PM +9:00:
> If the upstream correctly places a .desktop file in
> %{_datadir}/applications, then is it necessary to use
> desktop-file-install in the .spec file?

One of the reasons we must use desktop-file-install is that
the command checks if the installed desktop file meets 
desktop standards.

It is not simply enough to just include the .desktop file in the package, one MUST run desktop-file-install in %install (and have BuildRequires: desktop-file-utils), to help ensure .desktop file safety and spec-compliance. Here are some examples of desktop-file-install usage:

So it depends on how Makefile tries to install desktop files
in %_datadir/applications (i.e. what you mean here by

If Makefile install them by using desktop-file-install, 
then it is okay. If Makefile just use "cp"
or "install" to put desktop files to the directory, then again
desktop files must be checked by desktop-file-install
(or desktop-file-validate).


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