need help with a intltool problem

Ray Strode halfline at
Sat Aug 25 19:19:10 UTC 2007

> > make[2]: Entering directory `/builddir/build/BUILD/gwget-0.99/data'
> > LC_ALL=C ../intltool-merge -s -u -c ../po/.intltool-merge-cache ../po gwget.schemas
> > Possible unintended interpolation of @INTLTOOL_ICONV in string at ../intltool-merge line 96.
> > Global symbol "@INTLTOOL_ICONV" requires explicit package name at ../intltool-merge line 96.
> > BEGIN not safe after errors--compilation aborted at ../intltool-merge line 263.

Bastien fixed this problem in a different package here:

The solution was to manually run intltoolize before the build


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