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Making "upstream" tarballs available


After a bit of discussion on #fedora-devel I was directed here to start
some discussion.

The issue is that you guys have some neat stuff in Fedora which you
essentially are also upstream for. Now, usually when we (Ubuntu in my
case) package software, we go to a homepage or ftp site or whatever to
grab a tarball, add our packaging to that and upload it to our archive.

If I want to do the same with, say, system-config-samba, I've just
learned that I should go to koji, grab the SRPM, donwload it, extract
the "upstream" tar.bz2 from the SRPM and convert it to a tar.gz (yes, I
need a gzipped version, but don't worry about that). It's hard to
discover availability of new versions and equally hard to get my hands
on the corresponding tarball.

The short version is: It would be massively helpful to us (and possibly
others) if you could provide those tarballs in a more (for us) easily
accessible place, e.g. an ftp site or a web site of some sort.

Thanks in advance!

Soren Hansen
Ubuntu Server Team

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