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Guidelines for creating subpackages?

I have recently submitted a bug report for the "vtk" package, see


because vtk-devel depends on a fair number of packages including "vtk-qt" which in turn pulls in "qt" and analog dependencies which is rather annoying. To my surprise, the bug got closed immediately as "NOTABUG".

The "plplot" package however, shows a fine granularity which allows to avoid the unnecessary installation of undesired libraries/toolkits:

  plplot, plplot-devel, plplot-gnome, plplot-gnome-devel, plplot-java,
  plplot-java-devel, plplot-libs, plplot-octave, plplot-perl,
  plplot-tk, plplot-tk-devel, plplot-wxGTK, plplot-wxGTK-devel.

Shouldn't there be a standard policy how to proceed in such cases? The procedure adopted in the "plplot" case obviously appears more appealing to me ..
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