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Re: Bootup speed for F8

On Saturday, December 01, 2007 5:02 am Mark wrote:
> Here is my bootchart from initng [1]
> with the note that NetworkManager doesn't want to start and sound is
> out of the question as well.
> Those first 8 seconds are exactly the same in initd [2] as they are
> in initng. With initd it isn't much of an issue because it's slow
> already and ust doesn't mather much. with initng it's nearly HALF of
> the boot time!! now it's gonna something that would be nice to get
> fixed.
> About looking in scripts in initrd.. how do you do that? is there a
> guide for it somewhere? or is this [3] still good for it?

Nice... initng does seem like a nice project and a conceptual 
improvement over what we currently have.

And yeah, I just pulled apart the initrd to poke around, and also 
downloaded the mkinitrd package so I could look at the nash and other 


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