Bootup speed for F8

Mark markg85 at
Sat Dec 1 18:06:58 UTC 2007

2007/12/1, Jesse Barnes <jbarnes at>:
> On Saturday, December 01, 2007 5:02 am Mark wrote:
> > Here is my bootchart from initng [1]
> > with the note that NetworkManager doesn't want to start and sound is
> > out of the question as well.
> >
> > Those first 8 seconds are exactly the same in initd [2] as they are
> > in initng. With initd it isn't much of an issue because it's slow
> > already and ust doesn't mather much. with initng it's nearly HALF of
> > the boot time!! now it's gonna something that would be nice to get
> > fixed.
> >
> > About looking in scripts in initrd.. how do you do that? is there a
> > guide for it somewhere? or is this [3] still good for it?
> Nice... initng does seem like a nice project and a conceptual
> improvement over what we currently have.
> And yeah, I just pulled apart the initrd to poke around, and also
> downloaded the mkinitrd package so I could look at the nash and other
> sources.
> Jesse

i (sadly) don't think there is a lot to you can speed up in the
initrd->init script.. it's all loading modules and
initializing/mounting the partitions... speeding it up means excluding
modules or removing them completely and compile them in the kernel
(which would be better for the default modules like lvm, sata and

LinuxBIOS would give some seconds speed boost.. but that's not really
a solution that is possible for anyone.

btw.. it would be nice if bootchart could run before nash.. and right
after grub.. Thosefirst few seconds in bootchart (about 7 in my case
now) seem to be waste but seem to be RedHat Nash running...

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