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Re: Guidelines for creating subpackages?

Joachim Frieben wrote:
When/if it makes sense, and doesn't create an unduly increased
burden, sure.

I understand, but why then have been built vtk, vtk-python, vtk-qt,
and vtk-tcl packages but only a combined vtk-devel package which
depends on the former ones?

This might be a parallel to pidgin-perl or libpurple-tcl, but there is only one pidgin-devel package. The reason perl or tcl was split out into sub-packages is because the vast majority of users don't need the perl or tcl capability, but including them in the main package caused all users to pull in tcl and perl when they were not necessary.

-devel on the other hand is not meant to be installed except by developers. It might pull a large number of things, also needed only by developers. This is not inconsistent.


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