Guidelines for creating subpackages?

Jonathan Underwood jonathan.underwood at
Sun Dec 2 12:56:53 UTC 2007

On 02/12/2007, Patrice Dumas <pertusus at> wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 02, 2007 at 12:30:41PM +0000, Jonathan Underwood wrote:
> >
> > I imagine most packagers would react favourably to such requests,
> > given a reasonable use case, and even better, a spec file patch. Have
> > you submitted a patch for your vtk case for discussion to the package
> > maintainer?
> The issue is certainly not about providing a patch or not, but about the
> relevance to split the devel subpacakge.

I disagree in many cases forcing a split into many subpackages proves
fruitless because you end up with circular dependencies between the
sub-packages, and so you haven't really achieved much. Right now, the
OP is trying to put the burden of proof of whether this is beneficial
or not on the vtk packager. Providing a patch would provide the basis
on which to have a technical discussion. The current discussion is far
too hand wavy and nebulous.

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