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Re: firefox vs epiphany

David Zeuthen wrote:
Here's a funny story: Ironically enough up until F8 we used the generic
Web Browser icon on the panel on a default install. The icon looked like
planet earth with what looked like a mouse with a cable tied around it.
It was Bluecurve style. Fortunately mclasen fixed this for F8 such that
the correct icon on the panel for the default browser is chosen.
It's a bit funny we didn't fix this earlier; either we don't really care
as much as we should about brand recognition.. or we're not very good at
polishing. Something to keep in mind and learn from.

Ah, that's what happened... I always wondered about that and thought perhaps there were trademark issues or something. I got in the habit of hunting through /usr/share to find the firefox icon proper, and replace the default earth icon. Didn't remember doing it in Fedora 8 though. ;)

One reason it kindof annoyed me, was I had recommended giving Fedora a whirl to various friends over time, and some who installed it mentioned to me they couldn't find the firefox icon. They were looking for the standard firefox icon visually, not finding it and aborting the mission. ;o)

Mike A. Harris

Come and join us on the #fedora8 IRC help forum on irc.freenode.net

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