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Hi All,

I created a new hosted project at 
https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/fedora-packager/  with one simple 
goal.  make it easy for people to setup a fedora package maintainer 
environment.  Right now all that is currently in place is 
fedora-packager-setup.sh   used to setup your certs and configs for koji and 
plague and a new script fedora-cvs  that will checkout from cvs modules for 
you using your FAS account.

Why am i telling you this?  well for one fedora-packager-setup.sh is no longer 
in the koji package its in fedora-packager  and two  I want your help.  

Do you have a script that you find really useful to help you maintain your 
packages?  want to share them?  then please help make fedora-packager better. 

We also now have a new comps group fedora-packager.   so there is two easy 
ways to get your development environment setup on a new box  "yum 
groupinstall fedora-packager"  and "yum install fedora-packager"  both will 
do the same thing.  then run fedora-packager-setup.sh and your on your way.


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