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Re: Smolt database is broken

Jon Masters wrote:
On Wed, 2007-12-05 at 07:05 -0500, Alan Cox wrote:
On Tue, Dec 04, 2007 at 11:50:50PM -0500, Jon Masters wrote:
and I'm not a mathematician. I've raised it however but since its turkey
genoiciding season in the USA it might be a bit slow
(I'm a pescetarian FWIW, and didn't butcher any Turkeys)
Sounds fishy to me.

I fed you a line, knew you'd bite.

Was there any outcome on this in the end?
Just been resurrected on l/k

Right. That was why I asked - I saw the thread, but it doesn't seem to
have gone anywhere yet. I guess the kernel should not be returning UUIDs
at all until there's sufficient entropy to do so. I'll ponder it.

Long story short. There doesn't seem to be any problem with the way the kernel generates UUID's. It has to do with how smolt RPM installs and how the LiveCD is made (all live cd people end up with the same UUID / arch, etc)


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