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About postfix dovecot and vmail

Dear friend yesterday I rent a server AMD 64 which is installed fedora core 6 on the machine and apache 2.2.6, bind 9.3.4   MySQL 5.0.27, Postfix  2.4.5  dovecot 1.0.3,  were installed on the machine. I configured apache bind and mysql successfully. But couldn't configured postfix and dovecot. I have  more than  20  domains  which I want to  run on this server.  to list  services  which  are  working on the server   service --status-all  I have written in the terminal and  I got list below.  would you please  help me how can I configere mail server with virtual hosts. what is the best way for me.

[root mesut~]#service --status-all
acpid (pid 2223) is running...
anacron is stopped
atd (pid 2515) is running...
Avahi daemon is not running
Avahi DNS daemon is not running
hcid is stopped
sdpd is stopped
cpuspeed is stopped
crond (pid 2490) is running...
cupsd is stopped
dc_client is stopped
dc_server is stopped
dovecot (pid 2382) is running...
dund is stopped
Usage: /etc/init.d/firstboot {start|stop}
gpm is stopped
hald is stopped
hidd (pid 2210) is running...
httpd (pid 2569 2568 2567 2566 2565 2564 2563 2562 2561 2560 2559 2558 2557 2556                                                                              2555 2554 2553 2552 2551 2550 2477) is running...
Firewall is stopped.
Firewall is stopped.
irattach is stopped
irqbalance (pid 2113) is running...
Kdump is not operational
mdadm is stopped
mdmpd is stopped
dbus-daemon (pid 2184) is running...
multipathd is stopped
mysqld (pid 2355) is running...
rndc: connect failed: connection refused
netplugd is stopped
Configured devices:
lo eth0
Currently active devices:
lo eth0
NetworkManager is stopped
NetworkManagerDispatcher is stopped
rpc.mountd is stopped
nfsd is stopped
rpc.rquotad is stopped
rpc.statd is stopped
nscd is stopped
ntpd is stopped
pand is stopped
pcscd is stopped
portmap is stopped
master (pid 2442) is running...
proftpd (pid 2463) is running...
Process accounting is disabled.
rdisc is stopped
rpc.idmapd (pid 2160) is running...
saslauthd (pid 2532 2531 2530 2529 2528) is running...
smartd (pid 2600) is running...
squid is stopped
sshd (pid 2702 2687 2240) is running...
syslogd (pid 2096) is running...
klogd (pid 2099) is running...
tux is stopped
Usermin (pid 2605) is running
webmin (pid 2610) is running
wpa_supplicant is stopped
xinetd (pid 2254) is running...
ypbind is stopped
yum-updatesd (pid 2570) is running...

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