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Re: New package cvs requests. opt out of cvsextras commit rather than in?

On 05.12.2007 16:27, Patrice Dumas wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 05, 2007 at 09:29:41AM -0500, John Dennis wrote:
>> If you think the problem would be mitigated by package maintainers 
>> rigorously reviewing all changes *after* they've been committed you're 
>> forgetting human nature and the fact most maintainers are over worked to 
>> begin with. By extension if you demand maintainers review every commit then 
> I completly disagree with that. If a packager is not capable of
> reviewing everything that goes through for his package then something
> is definitely wrong. Either the packager should orphan the package or
> ask for co-maintainership but should never let something happen without
> noticing.

Well, with the CTRL+C bug you might not get a mail if someone changed

And if we like it or not, I bet we have packagers that just delete CVS
commit mails to their packages when they come home after a three weeks
holiday and find > 20.000 mails in their inbox. I think that's bad, but
that's how some humans are sometimes afaics.

> It is different, not the same workflow. It seems to me that, for example, 
> it is very time saving to have someone change the spec, ask a mail for 
> rebuild, without going through bugzilla. Still the package maintainer has to
> understand enough every patch (or trust the other contributor enough
> after review).


> (As a side note I personally think that rebuilds/publishing should not be 
> open while cvs should be.) It is more or less the case given that there
> is bodhi for stable, but for rawhide it is not the case.

Yes and no. With the current CTRL+C bug someone else might commit
something bad to a package owned by someone else. Sooner or later the
real owner might do a fresh checkout (something some people do regularly
instead of having a local checkout), do another change, build and push.


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