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Re: Package alien

On 12/05/2007 05:19 PM, Zdenek Prikryl wrote:
>> I think it was removed a long time ago before Fedora (I think maybe
>> back in the Red Hat 8 or 9 days, perhaps?), 
> Hmm after little investigation I found, that convert deb, tgz, slp to rpm isn't
> problem. But reverse conversion is big problem. For example, if I want to
> convert rmp do deb, I have to have installed dpkg[-dev] and debhelper, which are
> debian packages for creating deb files. All of those packages aren't in fedora
> repos.
> So, question is, if one-way conversion is a sufficient reason to create alien
> package. Other solution is create another package (like deb in OpenSUSE) which
> contains those debian packages and make alien dependant on this new package. Or
> let alien be forgotten henceforth.

I think you start with one-way version (if you like) and try to get the
missing links into Fedora as well and then switch your alien pkg to
rebuild and/or use the missing bits...

Else, get the deb bits into Fedora and afterwards alien itself... Which
sounds for me like the best idea....


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