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Re: New package cvs requests. opt out of cvsextras commit rather than in?

On Dec 5, 2007 5:29 AM, John Dennis <jdennis redhat com> wrote:
> Do we need a better mechanism for accepting contributions from the
> community, probably. Are open commit lists the answer, no.

I floated a mentor status idea for new contributors. Something
equivalent to me bringing in
a contributor such that they get commit access to an explicit set of
packages that I watch over so that I am on the hook
for their commiting behavior. They don't get to push to builds to
repositories (they can do scratch builds) and I vouch for them until
such time they have a track record of right action to obtain full

My understanding was that our acl's are setup to allow this sort of
thing yet. And it help if I could make sure forced re-tagging was
disabled for them as well.


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