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Re: mock 0.8.9

On Dec 5, 2007 7:45 PM, Ville Skyttä <ville skytta iki fi> wrote:
On Wednesday 05 December 2007, Michael E Brown wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 04, 2007 at 04:59:07PM -0500, Todd Zullinger wrote:
> > Okay, here's another set of patches to implement --with{,out} options.
> > I used git-format-patch this time, and probably did it awkwardly.  But
> > hopefully not too badly.  Just in case (and for non-git users), I'll
> > also attach a single diff that should apply cleanly to mock-0.8.14.
> >
> > Comments and improvements welcome. :)
> This looks great to me. I've committed this to the repo.

Thanks, guys!  When there's a mock release out with these changes (assuming
they work :)), I think mock has finally caught up with essential features in
mach and I'm ready to start using mock.

The only issue  I have so far is during init:

mock -r fedora-7-i386 init

INFO: mock.py version 0.8.14 starting...
State Changed: init plugins
State Changed: start
State Changed: lock buildroot
State Changed: clean
State Changed: init
State Changed: lock buildroot
INFO: enabled yum cache
State Changed: cleaning yum metadata
INFO: enabled root cache
State Changed: running yum
ERROR: Command failed. See logs for output.
 # mount -n --bind /home/mock/cache/fedora-7-i386/yum_cache/  /home/mock/fedora-7-i386/root/var/cache/yum

 But if the chroot is already initialized by a previous mock version, them everything goes fine.

I have an updated mock rpm if anyone else is willing to try it.

Paulo Roma Cavalcanti
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