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Re: inotify-aware tail replacement

Manuel Wolfshant wrote:
Marcela Maslanova wrote:

If anyone wants to take over the package and include it in Fedora, that would be great. I can't go through the process of becoming a developer to submit the package myself, it's way too complicated and I have almost no time to spare these days.
I'd like to take over them and push into Fedora.

Marcela Maslanova

That's a program I've packaged myself and I was going to suggest adding it inotify-tools. Marcela, if you submit the package I'll do the review. Note that it would be a good idea to patch the Makefile, it enforces certain compiling flags and installs in /usr/local (thus the usage of %makeinstall in Florin's spec)

I was thinking about pushing inotail into tail from coreutils like a patch, but if we have package inotify-tools that's even better.

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