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Re: Planned change to xorg-x11-font-utils

Le jeudi 06 décembre 2007 à 16:23 -0500, Adam Jackson a écrit :
> The bdftruncate script provided by xorg-x11-font-utils drags in a
> dependency on perl.  As far as I can tell, nothing in the distro uses
> it.  The font-utils package is required by the various bitmap font
> packages, as it provides mkfontdir and mkfontscale.

Actually, I wrote last week I'd like font packages not to depend on
anything, be it "just" xorg-x11-font-utils of full perl. Pre-generating
fonts-* at build time is easy. Having dynamic fontconfig-like generation
less so but is not overly difficult either. Both would reduce
considerably the problems bdftruncate creates.

Since you seem to care about it do you want to take over core fonts
packaging guidelines maintenance? (I want a pony!)

> I plan to drop bdftruncate from font-utils to get rid of the perl bloat,
> unless someone has a compelling reason not to.

Nothing compelling, though it's a shame to drop functionalities for
packages which need a good dependency makeover anyway.

Nicolas Mailhot

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