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Re: Package alien

On Thu, 2007-12-06 at 12:50 -0900, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> I would certainly concur with this.  Without making a judgment as to
> the value of having alien or other alternative packaging tools in the
> repository.. I would agree that if we are going to be putting dpkg and
> friends into the repository that they come configured by default to
> only act as helpers for using Fedora as a (re)packaging host.
> Enabling functionality beyond that should be relatively difficult to
> enable if not disabled entirely at buildtime.  There maybe some rather
> clever unorthodox ways to make use of a fully capable dpkg in other
> ways, but I don't want users accidental stumbling into those
> situations just because they installed dpkg and followed a google'd
> recipe article to have dpkg replace rpm on their Fedora system.

I once installed FC2 by hand, using debian's rpm, to hot-convert said
debian machine to Fedora. :)

And I kept notes:


Its actually the oldest surviving Fedora install I have, and is still in
use. Its survived apt-rpm upgrades up to FC5 or so, and its been yum
upgrades since then. And survived most of the hardware being replaced
and a total re-purposing. It was originally a firewall box, but was
replaced by a (Linux based) wireless router and re-purposed as an

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