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Re: yum updating itself first?

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On Dec 7, 2007 10:07 AM, Will Woods <wwoods redhat com> wrote:
We've probably talked about this before but.. how hard would it be to
change yum to update itself (and its deps) before attempting the rest of
the transaction, for simple updates?

There've been a lot of bugs lately where "update yum before updating
everything else" was the solution. Seems like that would be the Right
Thing To Do in general.

If you are going to go down this road... do you want to go further and
have yum look for a yum update no matter what the specified
install/update transaction is?

No in that case I want it to do as I've told it. But when I tell it to update everything first updating itself and then exec-ing its new self to continue with the rest of the updates isn't a bad idea IMHO, but then the GUI tools need to be thought to do the same.



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