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Re: about postfix.spec

2007/12/7, Nevruz Mesut Sahin <databasearia yahoo com>:
Dear friends My system is fedora core 6. Postfix version 2.4.5 was installed defoult on the system. Now  I am trying to configure postfix dovecot  with mysql support the documents tell that  there is postfix.spec file in the /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/  but there is not such a file to change  %define MYSQL 0  to %define MYSQL 1 but there is no such a file do I need to create this file and write in it.

hum...You should read closed your mysql docs.
Also learn what is a spec file on RPM based system.

However, you don't need to edit any .spec file to set up your postfix configuration.

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