yum, x86_64 and i386: the never ending story

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at nurfuerspam.de
Wed Dec 12 00:31:09 UTC 2007

sorry that I bring up this topic once again: why does yum install i386
packages on a x86_64 system during groupinstall?

# yum groupinstall XFCE
Dependencies Resolved

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size 
 Thunar                  i386       0.8.0-3.fc8      fedora            5.2 M
 xfce-mcs-plugins        x86_64     4.4.1-3.fc8      fedora            593 k
 xfce-utils              x86_64     4.4.1-3.fc8      fedora            346 k
 xfce4-appfinder         x86_64     4.4.1-2.fc8      fedora            264 k
 xfce4-mailwatch-plugin  x86_64     1.0.1-7.fc8      fedora            365 k
 xfce4-mixer             x86_64     4.4.1-3.fc8      fedora            216 k
 xfce4-session-engines   x86_64     4.4.1-2.fc8      fedora            325 k
 xfprint                 i386       4.4.1-2.fc8      fedora            584 k
 xfprint                 x86_64     4.4.1-2.fc8      fedora            587 k
Installing for dependencies:
 Terminal                x86_64     0.2.6-3.fc8      fedora            1.2 M
 Thunar                  x86_64     0.8.0-3.fc8      fedora            5.2 M
 exo                     i386       0.3.2-3.fc8      fedora            679 k
 exo                     x86_64     0.3.2-3.fc8      fedora            681 k
 libxfce4mcs             i386       4.4.1-3.fc8      fedora             46 k
 libxfce4mcs             x86_64     4.4.1-3.fc8      fedora             48 k
 libxfce4util            x86_64     4.4.1-3.fc8      fedora             74 k
 libxfce4util            i386       4.4.1-3.fc8      fedora             73 k
 libxfcegui4             x86_64     4.4.1-3.fc8      fedora            278 k
 libxfcegui4             i386       4.4.1-3.fc8      fedora            277 k
 mousepad                x86_64     0.2.12-3.fc8     fedora             89 k
 xfce-mcs-manager        x86_64     4.4.1-3.fc8      fedora            382 k
 xfce4-panel             i386       4.4.1-4.fc8      fedora            530 k
 xfce4-panel             x86_64     4.4.1-4.fc8      fedora            535 k
 xfce4-session           i386       4.4.1-2.fc8      fedora            509 k
 xfce4-session           x86_64     4.4.1-2.fc8      fedora            510 k
 xfdesktop               x86_64     4.4.1-3.fc8      fedora            2.7 M
 xfwm4                   x86_64     4.4.1-3.fc8      fedora            1.3 M

To me this looks like xfprint.i386 and Thunar.i386 are installed by
accident and then pull in the all the rest. Can anybody explain this to

I don't think that this behavior is desired by 99 % of the users.


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