Argyll color management system integration

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at
Wed Dec 12 17:46:58 UTC 2007

On Wed, Dec 12, 2007 at 06:35:56PM +0100, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> I started untangling the mess in October but gave up after a frustrating
> week. Fortunately I had the good idea to put the result on fedorapeople,
> and lately Frédéric Crozat from Mandriva googled it and completed the
> work. On hindsight it seems I had stopped just short of the finish line.
> Since it'd be a shame to let my packaging work end up in Mandriva only,
> I picked up his package, changed back a few bits, added some stuff I had
> planned but not done yet, and pushed the result in the review queue:
> I'd appreciate if a friendly reviewer looked at the result.

I've had a crack at packaging argylcms too but also gave up with the crazy
JAM and static linking stuff. I'll give your packages a once-over.

> The following work has been done:
> ??? link against system libs, not built-in copies
> ??? build with modular X
> ??? remove the shell wrapper that was hiding build errors from rpm
> ??? reorder build logic to fix those errors
> ??? hal/pam/udev logic so colorimeters do not need root access
> The result is IMHO good enough to be merged. However, since this
> software has suffered from a secluded life due to the aforementioned
> problems, it would probably be a good idea if more clueful people than
> me checked the following points:
> ??? go over the build logs, ???check if the warnings are really harmless and
> fix the code if needed (where is the list of people that wanted to do
> this kind of work a few months ago?)
> I doubt argyllcms was ever built with a modern gcc with all the fancy
> options we use and for all the architectures we target
> ??? check if I got the hal/pam/udev logic right, push bits upstream if
> needed (I didn't find two Fedora packages that did it the same way, all
> I can say the way I did it works on my system)

I've got a Optix XR instrument which I can test the udev bits with.

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